Ce restaurante din București recomandă The Guardian turiștilor

Publicația britanică The Guardian a dedicat un articol Bucureștiului, articol în care recomandă și câteva localuri.

Ce restaurante din Bucuresti recomanda The Guardian turistilor
Ce restaurante din București recomandă The Guardian turiștilor
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Localurile recomandate de The Guardian în articolul citat de restograf.ro:

The Artist

"Fine dining remains something of a novelty concept in Bucharest, but elegantly understated The Artist, discreetly tucked away on one of the old town's quieter streets, is leading the way."

Beca's Kitchen

"Home-style cooking doesn't come much better than at Beca's Kitchen, a little family-run restaurant on an unassuming residential street, a short walk north of the city centre."

Pukka Tukka

"The location isn't the most exciting but that shouldn't dissuade anyone from venturing to Pukka Tukka, a super organic food bar."

Caru' cu Bere

"Is the first restaurant many tourists make a beeline for but it's also where the locals go, which says much about its authenticity."

Cremeria Emilia

"Old town cafés are ten-a-penny, but bright and buzzy Cremeria Emilia knocks spots off all of them."

Abel's Wine Bar

"Romanian wine remains something of a mystery to outsiders, so Abel's Wine Bar – one of several to have emerged recently – is just the spot to begin your education by sampling the many varieties of wine, most of which are available by the glass."


"Packed most nights, it's a bit of an all-rounder, variously staging live music, cabaret, burlesque and quiz nights."


"It's a small, easy-going joint run by an enthusiastic team of baristas who really know their beans; be it a cappuccino, ristretto or lungo, the quality is consistently high and the service impeccable."

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